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In 2016, a true locals pub was born in DC. The Commodore rapidly developed a cult following on the back of its amazing craft burgers, free flowing drinks, and the personality of the staff. It became the go-to spot for patrons and industry workers alike. It was a place where you could come as you are, make new friends, and engage in shenanigans with the rest of the crowd that was just looking to have a good time. Even the names of the food dishes became forever ingrained in the lexicon of all those who entered the doors of The Commodore... becoming almost a secret language for those in the know - Draft and Dram, Squirrel Kicker, Kenny Powers, Neon Smash, Schlogan Burger..... all bringing forth memories you could taste.

Then, in late 2019, an enemy emerged from the shadows. Known only as "The Landlord". A king's ransom was demanded to remain in possession of the space The Commodore occupied. After lengthy negotiations, efforts to remain failed, and The Commodore was sent to a watery grave deep in the abyss..... not dead, just in slumber. The community was devastated. Fast forward less than two short years later - 2021..... The Commodore rises from the depths and finds a new home in Dupont Circle. Located at 1636 17th St NW, The Commodore is reunited with its past patrons and guests anew. Carrying on the same traditions and employing much of the original staff, what's old is new again.... and DC once again has it's flagship 5-Star Dive Bar - The Commodore DC. We look forward to you spending many days and nights with us - that you may (or may not) remember!

Private Events


Welcome back! We are open at 100% capacity for dine ins, or enjoy to go.
We're excited to welcome you back to the Commodore.